USA Firearm Training Releases Gun Resources App in Google Play

This morning USA Firearm Training released the first version of their mobile resources application for free on Google Play.

USA Firearm Training is one of the largest firearm training organizations in the country, teaching in person and online firearm classes in 14 US States. Their website has become a popular destination for American gun owners. Now the most popular resources are available in the new Android App.

–>>Click here to download the app from Google Play

Resources in the App include:

Firearm Business Directory: Search for gun stores, gunsmiths, shooting ranges, and firearm instructors near you. With over 70,000 businesses already listed in the app you should find what you are looking for. Don't see anything near you? No problem, you can add new businesses at no cost. Also within the directory you can search and submit “Gun Free Zones,” businesses that prohibit firearms on their property.

Training Tracker: For shooters who want to keep track of each visit to the range this app will allow you to “log” your training sessions with all the data and pictures you might need to keep track of your training and prove you take your guns seriously.

Firearm Library: Attached to the Training Tracker is a library tool to catalog your firearms. This will help you keep track of number of shots fired in each gun and act as an inventory for insurance claims should you lose your firearms to theft or fire.

National Firearm Forums: Access and participate in discussions with other American gun owners about political issues, concealed carry laws, holster and other gear, etc.

Articles and News: Get mobile access to the videos, news, and articles published to help you be better informed and empowered as a gun owner.

The company says this app is a BETA version and is looking for user feedback. Download it today!

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