USB Internet Tethering for Android Phones – No Root Required

UPDATE: Many reports have been circulating online about how this app may be distributing spyware etc. We would encourage our readers to also check out EasyTether Pro when looking for a solution for tethering.

Even in a modern world you just can’t find WiFi everywhere you go. And in some places, like the most expensive hotels, you have to pay for internet access. Luckily you have your trusty Android phone with data service anywhere you have cell phone reception. All you need to do is marry the anywhere internet access to your laptop so that you can really browse the internet on a screen bigger than 3 inches wide.

tetherPdaNet is the most popular and reliable app to help you tether (push your phone’s internet to your computer) via a USB cable from your Android phone. Naturally you can expect that the internet isn’t going to be as fast as you may be used to but it will suffice considering.

PdaNet does require that you install the PdaNet Android software on your Windows or Mac computer before you will be able to tether. The software is free to download and very simple and fast to set up. It also allows you to keep track of how much data you use and will display incoming text messages on your computer screen when connected. As part of the installation process it will need to install the driver for you phone if you haven’t already.

All around I feel impressed with the PdaNet software. There is a free trial period after which you have to buy a one time license to be able to visit secure https websites. You only pay $15.95 once per Android phone that you own and it will let you transfer it to a new phone when you change or upgrade. One license will work on unlimited numbers of computers and laptops so that isn’t a big deal either.

There is a lot of fuss over wireless tethering but I’m happier to just carry around my USB cable and tether this way. Wireless tethering really drains the battery but tethering via USB actually charges your phone while tethering!

If you haven’t already, give PdaNet a try for your Android tether, and let us know what you think.

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  • very usefull and i think its nokia ovi connection port:)

  • PdAnet is/allows tons of spyware I suggest EasyTether safer secure and only $9.99

    • Noureddine AMRI

      wifi tethering is accessible out of the box in the current versions of android 2.2+. No need to install anything.

  • Namit Gupta

    I didn’t got the spyware thing? how this app distribute spyware?