Vibration Notifier – Ongoing Vibrations From Any Notifications You Select

I have a problem. I hate ring tones. I ALWAYS have my phone on silent and that leads to me missing a lot of things. Depending on what clothes I’m wearing I may or may not feel the phone vibrate in my pocket when walking or standing. Also, I often set my phone down on the table or my desk and walk away for a minute or two… thus missing the phone call or text that has just come in. In my search for a solution I found an app called Vibration  Notifier.

2013-07-29_16-08-59Vibration Notifier is an app that can be set to vibrate repeatedly until you turn on your phone to view a notification. The setting are really versatile. You can decide how long you want each vibration to last in milliseconds and you can decide how many minutes should pass between vibrations. I left the vibrate length at the default setting and changed the frequency to every 2 minutes.

By default you can choose if you want to receive vibration notifications for Text, Gmail, and Missed Calls. I get enough email during the day (and don’t truly believe it to be urgent) that I only have selected Text and Missed Calls. In addition to these three things, you can also set it to notify you for notifications from ANY application on your phone. I activated my Google Calendar, FlightStats, Hangouts, Gtasks, and Google Voice notifications as well.

As you probably won’t want to get ongoing vibrations every 2 minutes during the middle of the night, you can also activate “Silent Time” that will allow you to set a start and end time each day when notifications will be turned off.

Whatever your reason, if you need greater reminders to check your phone for specific types of notifications, Vibration Notifier could be what you need.

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