Video Calling on Android: Skype, Fring, and More

With the most recent changes and updates to the Skype app for Android I am wondering what are the different options available for Video Chat on Android and on what devices you can use them.

Android Video Chat Apps

Skype: Skype has established itself as the universal video chatting software. It took far too long for Skype to develop a quality Android app and as of the writing of this post Skype has recently released video chatting but it is only enabled on Android devices with 2.3 or above that have front facing cameras. If I count correctly that makes for a total of 4 or 5 phones (mine excluded). I understand that many would say that video chatting without a front facing camera doesn’t make any sense but I disagree.

video chat

Fring: Fring has be around a very long time as the premier multi-IM mobile service. I first starting using it on my Windows Mobile phone in 2007. Not to to long ago Skype decided to withdraw itself from the list of instant messaging applications that Fring supported. Today Fring still supports a handful of other instant messaging applications such as Google Talk but it has set itself apart as the premier video chat app in both the Android Market and the Apple App Store. Fring has also been an innovator in group video chat. Currently up to 4 users can chat at the same time, making Fring an indispensable tool both at work at in social circles. It even works across platforms. Video chat with your friends on their iPods, iPhones, iPads, and other Android devices!

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Other video chat apps worth mentioning include Vtok and ooVoo. Vtok is a Google Talk Video application and ooVoo was the original group video chat for desktop application. Whatever your use for video chat I hope you find an app that works best for you!

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