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There is always not enough time in a day! I am sure you also feel the same way, and try your best not to forget things before calling it a day.

With a 9-5 job and long commute, I constantly spend lots of energy reminding myself of everything – grocery, bills, birthdays, doctor appointments, etc.  Well, to simplify my life a bit, I have turned to catch to manage my daily tasks and also to journal my day!

What is Catch? is a virtual note-taking and journal app, free download via the Android market.  Here is how can help you organize with its 70MB free content storage:

  • Text Note: You can write a private note or record info from scanned barcode.  If you decide to share your note with someone later, you can as well!
  • Camera Note:   If you’re too lazy to write, let a picture tell a thousand words for you.  Snap a picture and note it!
  • Gallery Note
  • Voice Note: If you’re driving, take a Voice note!
  • Reminder Note: Set reminders for things you need to do for a day!  I usually put in all the bills I need to pay for the month, so I never forget!


SO, why do I prefer Catch over Evernote?  It’s because of IJournal, powered by  IJournal is a free Android app developed by Shawn Achor in The Happiness Advantage.  Shawn’s method suggests writing 4 journal entries a day to covering 4 areas – Gratitude, Kindness, Meditation, and Exercise!  Crazy as it sounds, when I have a chaotic day, writing down 3 things I’m grateful for does calm me down and make me smile! :)

Give Catch and IJournal Android apps a try!  Ah, the joy of writing once again!

By KRMichelle
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