Wikidroid: A Mobile Wikipedia Solution

As a lot of people do, I often find myself in the middle of a conversation about some actor or band and asking questions like “Didn’t he marry so and so?” or “No, didn’t that band only had so many records?” These conversations can quickly lead into intense debates over who’s right or wrong where the answer must be found as soon as possible. Normally it’s simple to just Google a certain question, but rummaging through thousands of search results can be a hassle. However, if you want a quick look up on facts is a faster way to go. Wikipedia, as most people know, Is an online encyclopedia on pretty much everything.  Even though a mobile site Wikipedia is in beta just going to the website doesn’t take you directly there.  So going to on your browser might seem like a pain to use on your mobile device, which is generally what you use when you get those nagging questions about “What lighting flowers grow better in?” That’s where Wikidroid by Sirius Applications Ltd comes in.

Wikidroid takes the useful information from Wikipedia and gives it to the user in a nice manageable form on their Android. It has a sleek user friendly look that is perfect for a smartphone’s screen. Although the look and feel of the app is amazing, the place where it really shines and is set apart from other Wikipedia apps is it’s features. Wikidroid features several things for saving articles for later such as Bookmarks where you can quickly return to your favorite stories and saving articles to your SD card for reading offline later. If you’re a person who enjoys reading up on completely random stories Wikidroid also includes a “Random” button that will take you to a completely random article. This feature is sure to keep you entertained for quite some time.

With the great features Wikidroid has to offer, there is little to complain about, but unpleasantries are not entirely absent. One of the advantages of Wikipedia is that anybody can sign up for an account and edit articles. Wikidroid does not support this, however, so avid posters are going to have to go without. The app also seems to just be a port of the beta mobile site. This isn’t a bad thing, however, because it works smoothly and efficiently as an app.

Wikidroid is free in the Android Market and offers an ad free version for $1.99. It’s a nice simple solution to Wikipedia on Android devices. I personally have been using it on my phone and tablet for years, and highly recommend it as a great resource to anybody who finds themselves wondering the answer to pointless questions.

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