Wireless Android Device Management With Web PC Suite

When I get into a debate between iPhone and Android I often poke fun at the dependence on iTunes. All the files have to be a certain format and everything has to live there. iCloud has done much to make that better but its still a hassle compared to Android where the device acts more like a portable drive on which you can put any files. Unfortunately, for the longest time that has meant plugging the device into the computer via a USB cable and manually pushing files back and forth. Until now.

I was introduced to Web PC Suite last week and I'm amazed at the simplicity of use and the thought that went into this application. Let me review the basic functionality and then I will summarize with an overview of what I think makes Web PC Suite special.


Web PC Suite allows you to manage all of your devices file without any cables. As long as the computer and the device are connected to the same network (device via WiFi) then you can connect quickly by going to a specific web address on your computer's browser, opening the app on your phone and scanning the barcode you see on the screen. Just like that you are connected.

There are menus to manage your files, music, photo gallery, videos, and apps. With each of those tools you simply click an icon and poof you see everything on your device. Its easy to upload, download, delete, and otherwise manage the content. See my various screenshots below for how this looks on the PC.

Status and ToolsThere is also a great status bar that you can look at to get a quick glimpse of your Device's current storage both on internal and external SD cards. This is cool because it also gives you an idea of what is taking up the space on your device between music, videos, images, and other. There are two other tools I thought very helpful. One is the clipboard. You can quickly type some text into the web browser application and click a button to send that to your Android device's clipboard. This can come in handy when I have a short message in an email or on the browser that I want to send to someone via text message. I copy and paste it into that box and push it to my device where I can quickly paste it anywhere I need to. The second tool is the ability to type a web address into a box in the web application and push it to open in my device. I've been using this when testing websites I'm working to see how they appear on a mobile device. It saves a little time that I would normally spend typing those URLs into the mobile browser.

This application is great for three reasons:

1. Simplicity: Its super simple to install, to start, and to use. Big icons and intuitive interface make this a no brainer. You can't fail.

2. Functionality: Off the cuff I can't think of anything I wish this application would do that it doesn't do. A lot of work went into making this a fully functioning solution.

3. It's free. I was shocked that I didn't have to pay anything for this. Compared to some of the tools similar to this on the market that are not as elegant or easy, I was super surprised to download the app for free and zip right along without a screen to so much as register an account.

Check it out!

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