Wondershare MobileGo: Desktop Sync for Android

I was recently introduced to MobileGo, a desktop application for your PC or Mac that facilitates the syncing of your Android to your desktop computer. MobileGo has a free, full feature 15 day trial so use this link and download it to get started.

Wondershare 01It would take several articles here on our site to fully discuss the various features of this program so I'll hit some highlights. As you can see from the screenshot on the left, when you connect your phone to the program you can sync, transfer, or backup apps, music, videos, photos, contacts, SMS, or other files.

I've seen a handful of other applications hit the market that are intended to do this but they generally have clunky interfaces or unreliable features. MobileGo is not one of those. The interface is clean and intuitive and the experience has been flawless so far for me.

Connecting Your Android Phone to The Computer

After you have downloaded the application and installed it on your desktop for the first time you will need to connect your phone via USB. After it is connected via USB the first time the MobileGo application will be auto-installed on your Android device and you can connect it in the future by opening the app and scanning a barcode that will display on your desktop application. This does require being connected to the same wireless network as the desktop but this is really convenient.

Wondershare 03Once connected you can view and manage various aspects of your phone. The first thing I did was to make a full backup of my phone. This is done in the “toolkit” section of the program. The toolkit has a lot of cool options like importing or exporting¬† iTunes playlists to your Android.

From this interface you can also Import and Export contacts to Outlook or Windows Live Mail. Also in this toolkit is the option to get Root Access.

Wondershare 02The music, videos, and photos menus auto srub your device and find all the compatible and corresponding files and display them in one place so you can see everything on your Android. From there it is very easy to manage those files and transfer to or from the phone.

One of my favorite features is the file manager. It is always a pain to try to use one of the various mobile applications available in the Google Play store to navigate the files in the device's root or SD Card(s). This file manager makes it very easy to navigate all those files and manage them. (See image)

I also really like the SMS menu. It shows all your phone's SMS conversation threads and makes it really easy to quickly send individual, group, or bulk messages to your contacts. I wouldn't connect my phone for every text I need to send but if for work I send and receive a lot of text messages or if on rare occasions I know I need to send a lot of messages this is an extremely fast and productive way to manage the workflow.

All around I have nothing but praise for MobileGo. If you have been looking for a more efficient and easier to use method and program for managing your Android content with your desktop or laptop this could be the ideal and most affordable solution.

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