wpTogo – WordPress app for Android

UPDATE: Try this newer article about the official WordPress app.

WordPress is quickly gaining popularity as a blogging platform and website creator. WordPress offers a solution to people looking to start a website or blog that don’t have a lot of html or other coding experience. WordPress is simple, versatile, and powerful when it comes to site optimization. (This site is a wordpress site)

So for us android geeks we have finally seen a wordpress app surface in the android market. WpTogo isn’t fantastic, and I would go so far as to even say it isn’t really that good. Just to give it a full try I am going to create and publish this post from the wpTogo app on my G1.

Most of the functionality is simple enough but it lacks a lot of key features! Basically you can write a basic post with any hyperlinks and attach a couple of pictures from your SD card. You can input tags and categories but that’s about it.

For now I guess it will have to do. The iPhone (I know that’s like a cuss word) has released a complete, official wordpress app and so it is just a matter of time now.


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