YouTube Remote: Lean back and enjoy

youtubeIn the business world YouTube is becoming a more prevalent force for presentations. YouTube‘s video player is a great resource for showing professional grade content, whereas navigating from video to video via workstation off to the side may seem amateurish. YouTube Remote by Google, however, gives presenters a nice mobile solution to showing YouTube videos on a television screen, projector, etc. This app enables users to simply go to sign in with their account and use the app.

YouTube Remote has a nice simple interface with several great features. This app seems to be almost complete with full video controls, the ability to play saved playlists, and even built in volume button integration. The developers seem to be on top of updates and are always conscious of user feedback. One downside that I noticed while using the app is the lack of full screen support, though, this was almost immediately overlooked do to the fact that the video player isn’t YouTube’s standard video player, and is in fact rather

Another area where this app shines is it’s “Party Mode” which allows you to allow other YouTube friends to “piggy back” on the presentation and plays whatever the remote is controlling on different accounts. YouTube remote is an easy to use application and the perfect resource¬† for presenting YouTube videos. It’s free in the Android Market, so check it out.

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