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Task Killer: Not Needed But Highly Useful

The Android OS likes to have open apps in the background then pause them. Unlike Windows when the RAM is full the system doesn’t slow down. Basically Android loads the apps that it thinks you’ll use and pauses them. This allows for quick loading when accessing the app. Then when you are done with the app and

Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus– A Plethora of Features

A few days ago Samsung and Google introduced everyone to the Google Galaxy Nexus, or as some know it, the Nexus Prime, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. With it, they introduced a plethora of new features that the business person on the go will really get behind. Google created a more polished OS by adding various tweaks. Here’s a quick breakdown of

Google Docs App Update: Now Supports Tablets

A few months ago Google finally came out with an app for Android coined Google Docs. Docs allowed you to create, edit and save documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Support for tablets running Honeycomb was lacking. The update that came out today changes that. – What the Android Market for Tablets Should Be – What the Android Market for Tablets Should Be

apps that were optimized for tablets. While the list grew larger, there really wasn’t a distinction between phone and tablet apps and until just recently that was a problem that we had to deal with. That was until

EasyTether Pro – Internet Tethering for Dummies [App Review]

These apps are designed to use a work around to connect to the internet through their data connections without paying the extra fee. For those with an unlimited data plan this is great, however, for those with a limited plan this can cause trouble as it’s quicker to…

Google+ Updated: New Web and App Features

With today’s update that reality came one step closer to fruition. Google announced that Hangouts would have real time document collaboration, the ability to share a quick doodle and the ability to record and save video. To push the use of hang outs Google updated its…