Making Your Site More Mobile Friendly for Mobile Browsers

A good number of ASM (AndroidSocialMedia) readers have their own websites/blogs and this post is to discuss the importance and means of making your site more mobile friendly.

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The most recent studies suggest that 1.6% of all USA website usage is done from a mobile browser. WOW!!! 1.6% is a huge number considering the competition of endless numbers of corporate America employees who spend all day on the internet from their desktop computers. 76% of adults say they have done a Google search from a mobile browser at least once! If you have a website or blog it has become imperative that you make your site mobile friendly.

If you are utilizing WordPress (the most popular website/blog hosting service online) then this process can be quite painless. The most popular plugins available are WPTouch iPhone Theme and WordPress Mobile Pack. As you can imagine I tend to prefer the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin since I’m a little anti anything that looks like an iPhone but there you have it. Both plugins allow a great deal of customization including widgets, RSS, pages, and theme options.

If you are using something other than WordPress I suggest contacting you web developer and emphasizing the importance of getting your site up to mobile standards!

Jacob S Paulsen

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