Official Blogger App: by Google for Android

As blogging continues to grow in the social media sphere Blogger continues to hold a strong market share among popular blogging sites. Almost two years ago we reviewed an early 3rd party app called Androblogger, that allowed Android users to connect to their blogspot blogs. Now Google has released the first official Android Blogger app.

bloggerThe app is free in the Android Market and hosts several strong features for a first release. Included is the ability to switch between multiple Google accounts and multiple blogs within your Google account with which you have author rights.

You can also compose new posts and choose to publish them immediately or save them as drafts. Naturally this can be handy when you are without a internet connection.

When you are composing your new post you will be able to input tags, attach photos from the gallery, or take a new picture to include in your new post.

Perhaps the thing I like most about the Blogger app is how it has been enabled as a sharing option. When you see a link, web page, picture, etc that you want to share with the world you will now be able to select Blogger in the list of available options.

In addition to composing new posts you can also view past published or saved posts within the app. Hopefully new features to edit old posts will be included in future updates. For now we can just be happy to see a little mobile love from Android!

See more pictures on the official Blogger blog.

Jacob S Paulsen

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  • ruud_v10

    I am a bit dissapointed with this app. Mainly because there is no option to position photos I.e. they are always at the bottom of the post and left aligned

    • I agree with you on this one. I just downloaded the app yesterday and I think it is a great start, and its better than a few others I’ve tried. I would love to have a killer blogging app on my Android though that could handle all the positioning and multiple types of blog accounts.