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Smartwatch Review: The Vector Luna

Introduction There are a number of different smartwatch models available today, running a number of different platforms. The bigger fish in a small pond – Apple’s Watch and the many Android Wear devices –...

The BlackBerry KEYOne: A New Productivity Smartphone

The BlackBerry KEYOne is expected to be available from mid-April 2017 and will cost $550. For the dollars, customers will be buying a well made, solid device offering a mid-range hardware specification and a device that concentrates on getting stuff done.

Generations: Using Older Hardware In A 2016 World

The smartphone and tablet industry is used to a two year product cycle. Many plans are based around a two year cycle and because of this, most manufacturers support their products for two years after launch. The plan here is that after two years, customers go ahead and buy a new device: but

Manufacturers Are Changing How Smartphones Are Sold

We are now seeing Apple offer device upgrades direct to customers, something that the business will have worked on for years. However, Apple is following in the footsteps of Motorola, Huawei and OnePlus to name just a few. Chinese manufacturer…