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Facebook’s Becoming Less Of A News Source

There are a few structural reasons for this and one is that Facebook has been under fire in recent months for putting bias into the Trending Topics feature. It also kept quiet when a board member was exposed as having secretly supported a lawsuit against another media company, Gawker. However, the main reason for this structural change is probably because the…

Improvements to Android Google+ App Incoming

The application has moved on in leaps and bounds, too. The current application looks set for further improvement after Google’s announcement to buy small, start-up business, Polar and integrate the team into the Google+ directorate

Official Klout App For Android

Official Klout App For Android

You can access a content stream from which Klout recommends articles specific to your interests and most influential topics. Klout is also one of the few social media publishing tools that allows you to easily schedule the future publishing of content to Twitter and/or Facebook.