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ASM Developer Chat – Zenkit

  Free online productivity tools seems to be everywhere these days. Project management, list keepers, collaboration tools… the list goes on and on. So what makes one stand apart from the rest? In the author’s...


ASM Developer Chat – NFSS10 and Beat.Me

Welcome to Android Social Media Developer Chat! Here’s where we sit down and talk with developers, to get to know and understand their apps, ask questions about their apps and services, and what might...



If I told you that Zenkit was one of the coolest new tools to use these days you’d probably wonder what the heck a Zenkit was. It sounds sort of like a handy box...

Android Nougat, Tablets And Productivity

Google has been behind the curve here in improving Android such that it is is a more productive platform. The next version of Android, 7.0 Nougat, will support multi-windows for smoother and easier multitasking: something Samsung and

The Fast And Lightweight APUS Browser

Many modern smartphones and tablets offer plenty of power and connectivity for doing the things that we want to do on our devices. And because devices have become more and more powerful, so the applications we run on them are also typically getting larger, more complicated and more demanding of the hardware