Android Fever…..Today’s smartphone flavor of the moment

The U.S. wireless carriers all have a new buzzword…..Android…..Droid…..Droid Does….iDon’t (the VZW spin on the iPhone) or whatever you want to call the latest mobile OS from Google.  The market here stateside has been gaga over Apple’s iPhone since it’s release in June 2007 and now there is a shiny new toy to compete with it in the marketplace and  the media can’t get enough of Android.

The big deal seems to be the open source for developers which makes the Android a popular smartphone choice today; in comparison, both Apple and RIM have proprietary OS’s, and while that isn’t bad (as shown by their popularity), open source is the way to go in the future.

So, that being said, should everyone go out and throw their iPhone’s and BlackBerry’s in the phone recycling bin?  Hardly…both smartphones are wildly popular and BlackBerry is still the Enterprise-approved standard smartphone plus the iPhone is a really great device with lots of great applications.

Android is a great system and I like what it offers, but it isn’t the Silver Bullet to kill the iPhone or BlackBerry, but it is going to make the others step up even further with new features, etc. and it will make a large dent in their sales over the coming years.

Android fever is here now – let’s check back this time next year and see if the market still is in love-affair mode; my opinion is maybe not quite as much, but it has long-term ability to be a player not just here in the U.S. but worldwide.

David R. Scott

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