Android Market Content Filter: Parental Controls and Maturity Settings

Do you ever grow tired of the sexy girl wallpapers in the Android market? A recent update to the Android Market now gives you the option of setting a filter in your settings. The idea of the filter is great, especially if you have kids with Android phones. There is no way to password protect the filtering device but at least you can set it up properly and hope that it will at least keep the junk out of their face most of the time.

filterI say most of the time because the filter is relying on the honesty of the app developers. When a developer submits their app to the Android Market they designate the maturity level. Assuming they asses it correctly, your filter will be accurate. I can only suspect however that many developers will see this as a necessary loop hole to ensure that their app shows up on as many searches as possible.

Either way setting up the filter is simple if you want to move forward.

  • Just open your Android Market and press your menu button
  • Select Settings
  • Utilize the pull down menu to select the level of filtering you are comfortable with
  • Exit the menu when done


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