Droid Does: Verizon powers up Android!

Excellent news Androiders. It seems Verizon wireless is going to be the ‘financial backer’ so to speak for the android platform’s up and coming embarrassment of the iPhone. Their new campaign states something to the effect of “everything that is missing from the iPhone, the Moto Droid delivers.” All under the unholy clan badge of android. They are launching a website called droid does, composed of some pretty sweet graphic art.  The intent is; to point out the previously infallible iPhone’s vast shortcomings, and crush them, with all the style and attitude of a modern revolution.

This will be Verizon Wireless’ largest advertising campaign to date, all to promote the Motorola Droid. We remember hearing whispers of apple and Verizon having some meetings to discuss the iPhone on Verizon but all of the sudden we hear Droid Does, and Apple and Verizon didn’t… yet…

The Moto Droid (Motorola) is going to be the first device to run android 2.0. Which will enable tons of new features like revamped market, Exchange server support, improved keyboard layout, a smart dictionary attached to the keyboard that includes contact names as suggestions, infinite scrolling in Google calendar agenda mode, (I will use that for days) Bluetooth object push, Bluetooth powered peer to peer communication and proximity based social interactions, (games with other Androiders over Bluetooth)  Faster and better searching, Turn by turn directions free, and courtesy of the new Google maps application….and tons and tons and tons and tons more…. Hallelujah.


The phone itself (super sweet android 2.0 aside) boasts some exciting features for Verizon customers too… a 5mp camera with image stabilization and auto focus, DVD D1 Capture, Twice the resolution of most screens in the mobile device realm (854 x 480 pixel resolution) and up to 16 million colors, (that’s more than you can see..) Two LED Flashes (for dark night picture taking), 3.7 inch display, 16g on-board memory, expandable up to 32g with a micro SD, a 3.5mm headset jack and the list goes on. The only real downsides people have brought up are; “The keyboard isn’t staggered and the buttons don’t feel like i want them too” and “Its heavy.”  Someone needs a whamburger and some french cries. When 6 ounces is heavy, you gotta get off the couch and do some jumping jacks. I agree with the keyboard staggering thing but that’s probably mostly due to my G1. I’m saying, the impressive hardware combined with the awe-inspiring software will surely set a high mark for what Americans come to expect out of a smart phone.  Which in turn, for us android users, could translate into an exponentially larger interest in development of apps. More sweet hardware that includes more tools and capabilities translates into applications that just do more to please you. That’s really whats important when its all said and done right?  All this really just comes down to the fact that you and I are about to truly feel what its like to rule the world from our phone.

I think the teaser site says it best: This is no granola crunching, flower child phone. Its more powerful than you need and faster than you can handle. Basically, its everything you have ever wanted, and its ready to do your bidding. What shall you have it do first?

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  • scotty77

    Verizon announced today that the Droid can also be tethered for $15.00 a month. It will allow 5GB per month and launch in early 2010. If i were a Droid user i would search the internet for aNet Share.apk and use a package installer and see if i could get away with using my Droid as a secure wireless router w/o paying the extra. anet Share is not available on the .S. Android market anymore…

  • Tony

    Great that you might be getting excited over this phone, but it is a vanilla eclair, so-to-speak! What I am starting to get excited about is the 2.0 update that is coming for my HTC Hero! iPhones get thee behind me!

  • Can you tell me any lightweight RSS feed readers? My FeedDeamon is too much filled up with RSS feeds. Do let me know by replying back to my comment, I’ll be checking back.

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Manda, I really love NewsRob. Newsrob syncs with Google Reader which makes it really easy to add/maintain your subscriptions online. Newsrob syncs in the background so you can read/access your new posts even when you are offline. All of the data is stored on the SD card and the app is very user friendly.