Goodbye ’09:: Happy New Year Android

With 2009 coming to an end I look back in amazement that only a little over a year ago the Android Craze began with the release of the G1 by T-Mobile. In 2009 we have seen everything from Cupcakes to Eclairs, and MT3G to Droids. Not to mention everything in between. It makes any Android lover look forward to 2010. So let’s take a moment to look back at some of the wonderful Android moments we have seen this year and some of Android rumors we look forward to seeing in 2010.

Android 2009

April- Cupcake (1.5) officially released

July- T-Mobile starts pre-order on MT3G

August- MT3G officially released

September- Donut (1.6) officially released

October- Eclair (2.0) officially released

Sprint releases HTC Hero

November- Verizon releases Droid

T-Mobile releases Cliq and Behold 2

Android 2010

January- “Google Phone” Nexus One release???

1st quarter- Xperia X10a release???

1st half of 2010- Adobe Flash for Android???

2010- Sprint to possible get LG Prada 3???

Motorola Sholes to be released???

So in the end we may look back at 2009 with a touch of sadness in our hearts, but we can look torwards 2010 with excitement in our eyes and dreams of more Android to come.

Heaven DeHoff

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  • Jakejardashian

    Why is this being posted? Isn’t it a year out of date? Or am I missing something?

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Oops. This article is a year old but our Twitter software accidentally posted it to Twitter today. Thanks for the comment as it brought the issue to our attention.