Use Profiles to Have a Work and Personal Phone in One Android

profilesDo you still know anyone who carries around two phones; one for work and one for personal use? I think those days are far gone as popular phones have gotten bigger not smaller and data service (and the cost that comes with it) has become so common place in the business world.

That having been said you may consider that you use mostly different apps and want access to different widgets when you are at work than when you are at home. Along with other great enhancements, recent updates to Android have included a new feature called profiles.

A profile consists of a unique wallpaper, applications on home screens, and widgets. Setup all your Facebook, Twitter, and social widgets on your “Home” profile and then put your email, news, and other work specific applications and widgets on your “Work” profile.

I think that some people are really going to love the feature and potentially it really could increase productivity. If nothing else you can hide those personal picture wallpapers from your co-workers during the day 🙂

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  • ghostsweb

    Why tell is if your not going to include a “How to” . Very pointless.

    • Jacob S Paulsen

      Ghostsweb, sorry about that. Instructions:
      When on your home screen, press the menu button on your phone.
      Select “Profiles”
      Select the profile you would like to display/edit.
      Apply changes to profile the same way you edit your home profile.

      Thanks for reading!