What Are The Current Reasons to Get Root Access on Android

root accessThe days have come and gone where a great percentage of Android users rooted their phones to get access to features like screenshots, wireless hotspots, and first access to new updates and features. I had my G1 all the way up to Android 2.2 before I moved on to a different phone.

Today custom ROMs still can get you access to some upgrades and newer features but they are also less stable and reliable. A few weeks ago we also wrote about a new app that allows Android Screenshots without Root access.

Again having Root Access will allow you to speed up your Android device by relocating your phone’s cache thus allowing you to save memory and speed up your phone. There are many apps available in the Android Market that allow users with root access to overclock their phones too.

The other big reason that many users wanted from a rooted Android was the ability to store applications on the SD card. Now with Android 2.3 most devices have that ability with the stock operating system. Again, one less reason to root your phone.

The absolute number one reason people root their Android phones is to be able to tether their phone’s data connection via wireless or via bluetooth to a laptop. This is a super appealing feature but without rooting your phone you can still tether with a USB cable so I don’t know how crucial that feature really is to users.

The other thing that does get me excited about root access is screen video recording. Several apps are starting to emerge that allow Android users with Android access to do actual screen video recordings and that is cool!

Its really up to you but a word of caution. If you incorrectly root your phone you could do some damage and void your warranty. Search out high quality, detailed, reliable instructions with screenshots or videos where possible.

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