Will Android take over Mobile OS World?

There have been a rash of announcements from carriers in the U.S. about launching new Smart Phones utilizing the Android OS (Operating System) from various manufacturers including venerable Motorola.  With Motorola jumping into the Android pool head first with their launch of the ‘Cliq’ on November 19th on T-Mobile, and a second Android Smart Phone before year-end, is Android getting the traction it needs to challenge the two 800-pound Gorillas in RIM’s BlackBerry and Apple’s proprietary iPhone in the Mobile U.S. OS world?

Verizon has announced it will offer two Android Smart Phones this year with one of them being made my Motorola and Sprint is also seemingly in the Android love-fest as well.  AT&T has said they are still ‘evaluating’ Android but most likely they are trying to not dilute their iPhone sales while they still retain exclusivity from Apple.  Once AT&T dives deep into Android, the rush is on.

According to Gartner, Android will overtake of all other Mobile Operating Systems by 2012 except for Symbian which got it’s foothold with Nokia years ago, and it seems all the carriers are jumping onto Android, which is an open platform developed by Google.

The new Motorola Cliq, which I have discussed in previous blogs, will have a great Social Network interface for Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace with real-time status of what’s happening on your Facebook wall, etc.

The video below will show you some of the cool features of the Cliq using Android.

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