Apples to Android:: A Live Case Study of Moving iPhone to MyTouch

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5 Responses

  1. CJ says:

    I believe that your post implies that a qualified Linux sysadmin actually *needs* to reboot 😉

  2. Round Eye says:

    Great points. We shall see how the android phones stand up to the 4G iPhone hardware. Apple usually doesn’t disappoint. The trump card for the iPhone for me is the App store. You have such a huge market share if you’re a developer, it’s a no brainer. More apps, the more my phone can do, the more useful. Main iPhone limitation: AT&T. 🙁

  3. Cody Daniels says:

    So, after the recent bru-ha-ha over the iPhone 4, do you think that the Android now has an advantage?

  4. Iphoneter says:

    Thank you guys that was quite usefull I wonder what you will say about trnsfering data from nokia to iphone. I think I’m gonna move to Iphone 4.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I love the iPhone, i got mine for free, its easy to get one all you have to do is sign up, complete one free offer and then tell your friends to do the same, if you dont believe me take a look for yourself, offer available worldwide except the phillipines and india, -Cheryl