Droid Does: Verizon powers up Android!

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5 Responses

  1. scotty77 says:

    Verizon announced today that the Droid can also be tethered for $15.00 a month. It will allow 5GB per month and launch in early 2010. If i were a Droid user i would search the internet for aNet Share.apk and use a package installer and see if i could get away with using my Droid as a secure wireless router w/o paying the extra. anet Share is not available on the .S. Android market anymore…

  2. Tony says:

    Great that you might be getting excited over this phone, but it is a vanilla eclair, so-to-speak! What I am starting to get excited about is the 2.0 update that is coming for my HTC Hero! iPhones get thee behind me!

  3. Can you tell me any lightweight RSS feed readers? My FeedDeamon is too much filled up with RSS feeds. Do let me know by replying back to my comment, I’ll be checking back.

    • Jacob S Paulsen says:

      Manda, I really love NewsRob. Newsrob syncs with Google Reader which makes it really easy to add/maintain your subscriptions online. Newsrob syncs in the background so you can read/access your new posts even when you are offline. All of the data is stored on the SD card and the app is very user friendly.