So I have this old G1 thingy, its been 18 months, What now?

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3 Responses

  1. Im taking the credit for the Hero all of the sudden getting 2.1… It was announced the day after this post! hahaha well done sprint. All you sprint peeps, get stoked for Google navigation!

  2. Evil apple empire… unfinished deathstar… You crack me up
    .-= Jacob S Paulsen´s last blog ..Self Discovery: Retracing my Steps =-.

  3. Mike says:

    I feel your pain! I LOVE my G1. It’s like a good old, tough, reliable pocket knife. It does most of what I ask of it and more. I love the “ugly duckling” design because it’s strictly functional. I could care less about the latest in phone fashion.

    I also am with you on the keyboard. The slide out querty is a must! I’m sticking with my G1 until T-mobile comes out with another phone with a 5 row querty. I was talking to a tech support gal at tmobile and she is sticking with the G1 also.

    Besides if the onscreen keyboards on the other androids are anything like the one on my G1, nooo thank you, it sucks.

    I’m annoyed also at all the later android adapters stealing our thunder. The android forums are now like iPhone forums. There is much less tech and under the hod stuff and more well, vanity junk. Hang in there man, you’re one of the few and proud that know the best tool for the job.