The Android Facebook App One-Ups iOS7

It’s been a long, excruciating time coming, but in September 2013 Facebook finally rolled out the updated Android app, and according to early tests and trials, it pwns the iOS7. Editing posts is now an option, and that had been the biggest thorn in the side of social media users who depended on their smartphone for most of their SM management.

unnamedTechnically, that feature has been offered since September 5 via the beta, but now that it’s up for grabs to the masses, it will come into general use.

It’s interesting that Google+ has had this feature seemingly forever, but that didn’t really matter; at this point, Facebook is still king of social media, and post editing is what everyone’s been waiting for.

Editing posts and comments means no more drunken mistakes, embarrassing typos, or rash decisions that can’t be taken back unless you’re on a laptop, PC, or other non-smartphone device. “Edit your posts and comments, and tap to see all your changes” is the official Facebook direction on the app description.

The iOS plays catch-up

There are murmurings that these changes will soon be available on the iOS app as well, according to a Facebook spokesperson. But for now, the Android users are making the most of this advantage.

In addition to editing comments, inclusion of icons in status updates, checking out upcoming events on your favorite pages, and creating new photo albums (as well as sharing them) from your Android phone are also possible now. Soon, you should feel just as comfortable with SM management on your phone as you are on your tablet or laptop.

Comment editing in general has been available since the summer of 2012, so you didn’t have to delete a comment and re-post it — with the typos, rants, or excessive hashtags conveniently excised. Previously, the only edits available were to alter the friends tagged, location, or date.

Deleting posts and starting over are so 2012, but it took a full year to get the same options on mobile platforms.

Testing, testing

Just before this update, Facebook revealed a test version of the mobile payments system. This lets Facebook users keep their financial data stored within the platform, which makes it easier to part fools with their money on mobile apps.

Regardless of security concerns, which are a perpetual issue no matter who’s behind the system, it’s another nudge in the direction of business over social matters on Facebook. However, that’s not the only news leaking from the social media giant.

It appears that Zuckerberg’s baby will grow even bigger next month, with a free-trade zone in Shanghai, China that will allegedly let people get into social media favorites like Facebook, Twitter, and even media outlets like the New York Times. This has been impossible since 2009, but if all goes according to plan, Chinese Facebook users will soon be jumping (legally) on the Facebook bandwagon.

What the changes mean

For the most part, the updates are a very welcome change. People can minimize embarrassments, be able to get things done on Facebook quicker, and streamline the process overall. While Android users currently have extra bragging rights over iOS users, this will not convert hardcore Apple fans into Android fanatics. The Apple vs. Android battle surely will rage on.

There’s no announced date when, or if, iOS will get the Facebook update, so for now Apple users are going to have to stick with deleting posts, or just letting them sit and stew. That’s nothing new for most people, and it’s like an annoying rock in your shoe. You’re aware of it, but maybe you like your kicks so much it’s worth putting up with it.

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