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Video marketing has become a big trend in Internet Marketing because of the ways videos are listed on the search engines. If you can syndicate your video to enough of the biggest video based social websites such as Youtube you can get quick results. Videos are also a big part of social media because of their ability to form relationships and share a more “real you” with others.

The key is in the syndication. How do you create a high quality video with the correct title and description and then get it syndicated to as many websites as possible? Traditionally people without amazingly cool cell phones have used services such as and which both offer video syndication to a vast network of video websites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Viddler,, MetaCafe, etc. Now that we are going all mobile (THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS WEBSITE) we need to understand how this can be best accomplished from the Android device.

With the update to the 1.5 firmware on the Android platform earlier this year all Android devices now come standard with a camcorder app. By default you can share a video directly to When you upload to Youtube you can select a title, description and tags but can only upload videos up to 3MB.

I prefer the PixelPipe Pro app which will upload all videos regardless of size and also allows a title, description, and tags. Furthermore Pixelpipe will automatically upload your video to Youtube, Facebook Video, DailyMotion, and others. It will also update your status (tweet) the title for you along with link to the video on twitter, facebook, myspace, friendfeed, bebo, hi5, plaxo, and up to 40 other social networking sites. THAT IS POWERFUL SYNDICATION coming from a cell phone.

When syndicating a video consider the following helpful hints:

Taking video from a cell phone is naturally not as high of quality as other video recorders. Hold the phone extra steady while recording and consider your lighting conditions. Poorly lighted places will make for very poor videos.

Choosing a title for your videos is an important process. In addition to letting people know the general content of your video you also need to make a title compelling enough to make it worth watching. If your title shows up on twitter with a link will people click it? Questions often make powerful titles and including the word “video” will let people who see the tweet or status update know that the link will lead them to a video.

The description is your best place to put keywords in paragraph form while describing the video content. Including a url to your main site or blog will also help in SEO efforts.

The tags are keywords. Be creative. You want to consider keywords that people may use to search for you and your content without using the overly used cliches of your niche.

Jacob S. Paulsen

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