New York Times New Android App


The New York Times has decided to grace the Android Market with their news app. So far I’m impressed. It loads quickly and has a very Android style pull down menu to select different categories of news. The black and white color scheme is very easy on the eyes and stays true to the NY Times.

The 28 different “sections” or categories allow the user to really be selective about what they want to read/watch. I say watch because there is a video category.

There is also a widget that comes with the new app. The widget takes up a 4 wide by 1 tall space on your screen and scrolls through the latest stories of the “section” you choose. It also works very well for me.
On this screenshot picture you can also see some of the other most popular news apps on Android. The USA Today, CNN News, and the Associated Press also have apps for Android. If you are a Fox News Junkie there is also a good Fox News widget/app available in the Android Market.

Whatever your news passion Android has you covered.

Jacob S Paulsen

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