So I have this old G1 thingy, its been 18 months, What now?

g1Today Google hurt my feelings a little bit. Every once in a  while they release this chart (Click on it to enlarge it in another window) showing what Android platform versions have been hitting the Android market the most in the last 14 days.  They release it “To help developers prioritize the development of their application.” To me it either serves my nerdy ego or, for example today, completely destroys it. I was one of the first ones to jump on this Android train! I excitedly payed my money in November and got my G1 Pre-Launch and loudly touted the freaking benefits of my “iPhone Killer” super phone. So now here I am a year and a half later seeing this chart and realizing that all these new “Bandwagon” Android fans have cooler phones than me!

So I have been looking around checking out all the blogs and behind the scenes sites that seem to get all the sweet tech gossip before I do and I start seeing these phones and I am overcome by this feeling of, “Meh, I’ll wait.”  I love my qwerty keyboard on my G1, the buttons are all so responsive and the number row that is separate, saves me a measurable amount of time because I am a travelling salesman and i am constantly typing addresses and contact info into my phone so to be able to skip the shift button is sweet and i bet saves my life a little bit because I can do it quickly and not die as I am entering text and speeding down the road to my appointments. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can gain root access to my phone and make it do all kinds of crazy things.

So here is where I’m at, I have checked out Motorola and i cant get on board with any of them. Verizon’s Droid is cool but I have Verizon beef just like I have Sprint beef. Why have a super sweet android phone on a network that can’t support voice and data at the same time. I cant tell you how often I drive down the road talking while listening for my Google Navigation voice to guide me to my next address. Can’t do that with CDMA. Not to mention the fact that Sprint cant seem to update a phone past 1.5 anyway leaving a whole slew of Android users that don’t even know Google Navigation exists! Then with AT&T is still under the crushing weight of the Evil Apple Empire, I don’t know about you but that dang apple logo reminds me of an unfinished Death Star. They know that the only thing thats keeping them in business is the fact that they are in Apples pocket. Before the iPhone AT&T was losing market share faster than Sprint did 2009! Granted, the LG Ally looks like it might be cool, its getting tied pretty hardcore to the Ironman movie though and as a general rule I feel that the more “they” have to artificially hype something, the higher chance it has of being a disappointment.

So that leaves me with T-Mobile, the nations #4 carrier to depend on to keep delivering super sweet phones with good rate plan pricing, but only marginal network. You get what you pay for, unless your paying for an iPhone, but thats another post entirely. T-Mobile is releasing the myTouch Slide, I was stoked at the original teaser pictures, qwerty keyboard, but in the photos it was only showing the bottom of the keyboard and it took forever for them to release the photo that broke my heart, the number row is not separate its a 4 row qwerty instead of a 5. Bummer. But there are rumors starting again that a new possibly sidekick branded phone that our friends over at Droiddog and TmoNews have all perpetuated (we might as well jump on that yeah?) so hopefully this will be the phone of my dreams. HTC is making it which means that it wont be too hard to figure out how to root it, Its running Android 2.1, a possible snapdragon processor……. but then sidekick…. dang it, I’m trusting you T-Mobile! PLEASE don’t ruin this! Or i’ll be getting a N1, which i guess wont be so bad after all.


  • Im taking the credit for the Hero all of the sudden getting 2.1… It was announced the day after this post! hahaha well done sprint. All you sprint peeps, get stoked for Google navigation!

  • Evil apple empire… unfinished deathstar… You crack me up
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  • Mike

    I feel your pain! I LOVE my G1. It’s like a good old, tough, reliable pocket knife. It does most of what I ask of it and more. I love the “ugly duckling” design because it’s strictly functional. I could care less about the latest in phone fashion.

    I also am with you on the keyboard. The slide out querty is a must! I’m sticking with my G1 until T-mobile comes out with another phone with a 5 row querty. I was talking to a tech support gal at tmobile and she is sticking with the G1 also.

    Besides if the onscreen keyboards on the other androids are anything like the one on my G1, nooo thank you, it sucks.

    I’m annoyed also at all the later android adapters stealing our thunder. The android forums are now like iPhone forums. There is much less tech and under the hod stuff and more well, vanity junk. Hang in there man, you’re one of the few and proud that know the best tool for the job.