Nexus One

Finally, the rumored “Google Phone” that we have been hearing and following closely has finally been confirmed and released. At Google’s press conference on January 5th, 2010 they finally gave us all the juicy details revolving around the Nexus One.

nexusSome may wonder “What is so great about this phone? It is just another phone!” The Nexus one is NOT just another phone, it is in a category all its own. This phone will be bringing many changes along with it. So take a look at the rest of this article and judge for yourself.
The Nexus One runs on a 1GHz snapdragon processor with a 3.7 inch WVGA Amoled touchscreen display. The phone has a height of 119mm, width of 59.8, depth of 11.5, and wieghs only 130 grams with the battery. Along with 512 MB of Ram and flash it comes with a 4 GB microsd card which is expandable to 32 GB. (Sounds nice already, doesn’t it).
The camera is amazing with 5 megapixels, auto focus, 2x digital zoom, and a Led flash. Not only can you take pics but you can record videos. The recorder at 720×480 pixels can capture up to 20 frames per second, depending lighting of course. HTC and Google also included a 1400 MHz battery with talk time lasting 10 hours on 2G and 7 hours on 3G. Stand by time is pretty decent also with approximately 290 hours on 2G and 250 hours on 3G. Not only do the specs look great on the Nexus but with animated wallpaper, multi colored led, 3.5 mm headphone jack, GPS, accelerometer, and proximity sensor makes this phone pretty great and a must have.
You are probably wondering by now how you get your hands on this sucker? Well, you have two options at the moment, you can purchase it unlocked through Google at for $530 or with a new 2 year contract wit T-Mobile you can get the phone for $179. Either way you have to buy the Nexus online, but there are some benifits free shipping, Google will try to have the phone to you by the next day, and you can also get custom engraving on the phone then they will have the phone to you with in 72 hours. Also all you Verizon and Vodaphone customers the Nexus One is rumored to be available soon.
Only time will tell if the “Iphone Killer” will live up to all the hype surrounding it these last few months. Truthfully, I believe the Nexus One won’t only live up to all the hype but will do much more by changing the way people use their phones along with opening a whole new realm of possibilities in the “Mobile Phone World”.

Heaven DeHoff

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  • The Nexus is a great phone feature wise.I think it wont be succesfull in the long run though.Why would people buy this when the can get an iPhone 3g for 100 bucks?Its all about brand recognition!

  • Scott

    The only way you can compare the Nexus and the iphone is by comparing their features. Moving on from the features the iphone can’t come close to the Nexus with the Android os. The freedom of Android compared to what the iphone offers is much greater which translates into being able to do more of everything. I would take my G1 over any iphone any and every day of the week simply because of Android. In the end it’s that much better.

    • admin

      WOW! Well said Scott… me too!