The Competition: HTC One for Windows

In the last few weeks I've seen an increasing number of rumors that HTC is to launch a Windows Phone version of the successful Android HTC One (M8) cell ‘phone. These rumors were true!

HTC One for Windows; those live tiles look neat.

HTC One for Windows; those live tiles look neat.

And when I write the One, I mean that it has the exact same hardware as the Android version: the same screen, cameras, battery, BoomSound…

And it's about time.

We've seen manufacturers release a handset running Android and then later on a similar, but not identical, handset running Windows Phone. I'm hesitant to call these handsets siblings, perhaps cousins. One of the most successful examples of this is the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Ativ S; the Ativ S is closely related to the S III, but the two are not the same device running a different operating system.

For HTC, this is a win-win situation. Having invested in the manufacturing process of the One (M8), it is probably not too difficult to build the same hardware but install a Windows Phone operating system. I liken it to building an automobile with a 4.0L V8 and installing a 3.5L V6.

For the customer, it's also a win-win situation. Love the HTC One but don't really like Android (probably unlikely if you're reading this blog!)? Prefer Windows Phone? There's a device for you now.

Who knows. It's also been rumored that there are manufacturers working on dual boot handsets. I would be interested in a dual boot Android / Windows Phone device. Windows Phone for work, Android for the rest of the time…

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