Android PayPal App: Send and Receive Money

If you do any work in Internet Marketing or if you run a business you probably have a PayPal account. PayPal has established themselves as a credible online banking system which became popular and remains popular for its ease in sending and receiving money from other users. Anyone with an email address can setup an account and get started with PayPal.

The Android app has come a long way and is really quite impressive. I’m particularly impressed with the ability to deposit checks into your account just by snapping a picture of them.

  • Send money as a gift, split the bill, or repay a friend for FREE*
  • Snap a photo of your check to add money directly from the app, no fees apply (US only)
  • Check your balance, withdraw money, or view past transactions – anytime, anywhere
  • SD card support and improved app performance
  • Use the PayPal local feature to find businesses nearby that accept PayPal as payment (US only)




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