URL Shortening and Tracking on Android

With so many services online to shorten your URLs many people are wondering how they should move forward. Short URLs are a huge convenience when working in limited space such as in twitter where you are limited to 140 characters or less.  In addition to shortening your URLs there are a few services that will also track your URL syndication by letting you know how many clicks you receive. This makes URL shortening a 2-in-1 tool for use in the social media and internet marketing arenas.

As an Android user there is one service that stands out. Bit.ly is the most widely used service among twitter users and now allows 3rd party applications to connect and shorten/track urls on your behalf. Bit.ly provides tools including browser plugins and shortcuts to make easier the use of their service. In addition to tracking your own URLs you can search twitter by keywords or by profile to see the results of other user’s Bit.ly links.

twidroidproAfter setting up your account with Bit.ly you will be able to access your unique user API. If you have the Twidroid PRO app on your Android you can enter your bit.ly username and api to shorten URLs in the Twidroid app via your own bit.ly account. This will allow you to view tracking results later and get quick access to shortened URLs.

urljuicer-androidThere is also another great app in the market for URL shortening called URL Juicer (@urljuicer). URL Juicer will shorten URLs using a variety of services including bit.ly. Enter your username and api in the credentials menu to get started.

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