How to Disable GeoTagging Pictures on Android Devices

For years security experts have been warning us that smartphones and social networking pose serious security hazards. Recent media attention has spread more attention specifically around the posting of pictures online. With a few browser plugins anyone (without or without hacking skills) can find the exact location where many online pictures were taken.

2013-08-13_10-59-17When you take a picture that picture is encoded with core information including the date, time, type of camera, and unless you disable the feature… your exact geo-location. Turning off or disabling the GPS on your Android phone certainly helps but will not fully protect your pictures from being traced. While it makes it more difficult to find a very precise location your pictures are still being tagged with a rough location.

To fully protect yourself from this type of issue or threat you need to disable the geo-tagging feature on the phone. Simply open the camera and tap settings. From there un-check the box labeled “Geo-tag photos.” This is all that is required to disable this feature on your phone.

Beyond this you still need to be aware of the various features and setting that may be enabled on applications like Instagram, Photobucket, Flickr, and Foursquare. With many of this photo sharing applications they have their own settings and options to enable location sharing and geo-tagging with each picture you share.

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