Android To-Do:: gTasks – Google Task Client App

Part of being highly productive is keeping track of your “to-do” list. We have seen a lot of high quality Android apps in the market place over the last year but I’ve been holding out for an app that synced with Google’s own tasks program that is currently integrated with Gmail and Google calendar.


Last week gTasks appeared in the Android Market to answer my need. So far there is NOTHING fancy about its features or look but at least I can go back and forth between my phone and my computer and maintain the same list of tasks.

This put the final nail into the outlook coffin since Android users now have email, calendar, contacts, and tasks that sync locally and are assessable from any computer in the world with internet access or from your own cell phone.


Jacob S Paulsen

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  • Brian

    The interface and font are ugly but the app is completely functional. I would recommend that the author keep it simple and improve the GUI a little bit. It doesn’t provide for nested tasks but at this point, making sure it works reliably is much more important.

  • Dwayne

    Can’t find it in the app store, search for “gtasks” gives no matches.

    • Very strange. Are you in the US? Can anyone else confirm the app is still available? Because I already have it on my phone even if they remove it from the market I will retain it. The “t” is capitalized but that shouldn’t make any difference.: “gTasks”

  • Kanderson817

    New to the google community and just got a droid phone was very please to find and app for tasks. Love it. I wish it would sync with my calender so I did not have two different apps. Otherwise it is very functional

  • Checking this out. I’ve been looking for a tasks client. I looks good so-far.

  • Hey thank you x 1 million for telling us about this Android app. It’s fabulous. I was using Toodledo on desktop with the Got To Do app but it wasn’t syncing with GCal. This is the bomb.

    Thank you again!