Best Computer Backup Also Available in Mobile Browser

Lets face it, I have lived in fear. I was always scared that my computer would crash or be stolen and I would lose all of my files, settings, and personal data. I've been evaluating various backup options that available and recently I found one that caught my eye. is a service that has two essential features that matter to me when looking for a pc back up service. The first thing I wanted to avoid is a service that backs up all my files to an external hard-drive or online server that I an unable to access anything from. In my experience some of these backup services just create one big file that they backup. This big file doesn't help you at all if you need to quickly access a single file. You are forced to fully restore everything in order to access any one thing. allows you to remotely access every individual file from anywhere. In addition to file sharing, unlimited storage, multiple computers, and the ability to access old versions of your files… the only critical feature that I'm interested in is mobile access. MyPCBackup has a great mobile version of their website that is easy to access from my Android's browser.

All around it seems to be a full set of features for a backup solution. I'm impressed and hope you will check it out.

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