VOIP for Android Tablets & Phones

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6 Responses

    • Jacob S Paulsen says:

      Thanks John. I’ll see if I can find any type of work around

      • John says:

        Why use iGoogle at all? It’s easier to just go to voice.google.com and change the settings from there, isn’t it? I skipped the iGoogle steps completely and everything works perfect.

        Great article! I had been looking for something like this for months and couldn’t find anything on the net.

  1. Heaven DeHoff says:

    Just get your Google Voice setup online with out the widget and on your phone then you should be good. Let me know.

  2. Heaven Dehoff says:

    IGoogle just makes it easier to access on a pc

  3. pnuw says:

    You will need to update your profile on pbxes.org with your customer information after creating a profile with SipDroid. If you don’t, pbxes will terminate your account after a week or two. This happened to me.

    Otherwise, it works great as long as you have decent wifi with a strong signal. Called my wife in the US while I was in London using a Nexus One+SipDroid+GV+pbxes, and she said it sounded like I was standing right next to her. At a different time, when the wifi signal wasn’t as strong, there were dropouts and echos. This was in December 2010 and I haven’t needed to use it since then.