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Android Nougat, Tablets And Productivity

Google has been behind the curve here in improving Android such that it is is a more productive platform. The next version of Android, 7.0 Nougat, will support multi-windows for smoother and easier multitasking: something Samsung and

Widgets for Productivity

The only other widget that deserves attention is the Google News & Weather widget, set at the top right. This is important because it always shows the same weather that I see in Google Now, the only criticism I can level at the HTC Weather Clock, which can show different weather to Google.

Connected Tablets: Do You Need A Data Service?

Is it worth the extra to buy a mobile data-enabled tablet? As with most questions, the answer is a very definite, “it depends!” If you have a large tablet that you mostly use at home, then the answer is probably no. If you have something smaller, like the Nexus 7, you travel with it and your smartphone carrier does not allow tethering, then there’s a stronger case for buying the data-equipped model.

UseTool: Convert Currency, Temperature, Length, Area, Time and More

The developer tried to include the most frequently converted values such as currency, temperature, length, area, time, energy etc. There are also some nice features like fuel consumption, kitchen, design and android specific metrics for people who don’t like to switch between different apps to find an appropriate conversion.