The Coolest Apps You Don’t Need But Have to Have

Our blog is all about how your Android devices can increase your productivity but at the end of the day our phones are much more to us than just a productivity device. They also act in the capacity of entertainment and social engagement. Today as I was going through Google Play I stumbled upon a few of those apps that while they may not increase my productivity in the least bit; I really just got to have them.

chesssetartMost of the 10 most popular free apps tend to fall in this category. Most recently I stumbled upon an application called ChessSetArt. I used to be an avid chess player when I was younger and I still enjoy the game. I was really curious when I found this app wondering what the game of chess has to do with art. The app includes 25 filmed documentaries of the world’s greatest chess sets. Its really super interesting to learn about the different cultures, materials, and histories of the game. Just saying that if you enjoy chess at all your time would be well spent to download this app.

It helps that the ChessSetArt app is well developed, easy to navigate, and has quality video and special effects. If you are skeptical try reading the reviews.

What are the favorite apps on your phone that you think of as guilty pleasures? The apps that do nothing at all for your productivity but you see as must haves.

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